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About me and the goal of the blog...

Rapid stock market gains, miracle indicators and a 100% hit rate...

If this is what you expect from trading and this blog, we have to disappoint you directly. What many traders and coaches promise - wealth with a few mouse clicks - is an illusion and there are unfortunately far too many dubious offers and "miracle systems". I or people from my team have had the same painful experiences on the stock market - but in retrospect this was enrom instructive and helped us to be where we are today!

But there are also positive news! You can avoid our mistakes. On this blog we show you which steps we use helpful tips & tools and which concepts and possibilities we use.

Our team will show you step by step how we operate successfully on the stock market with helpful tools and good semi and fully automated solutions.

Trading is not a rocket science - but still requires discipline, stamina and time to learn the basic techniques.


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Trust is essential and the basis of a cooperation

The sayings of people who accompany us

Successful trading requires some basic prerequisites - discipline, the right mindset, the necessary knowledge, a profitable trading strategy and proper risk management.

The first two things you have to "bring" yourself, the rest is up to me and my team to offer you options and support.

We are all big "stock exchange fans" and also passionate traders. For many years we have been involved in the automation of trading and use helpful tools, which can also help you on your way to profitable trading.

Basic knowledge never hurts of course! But everyone has started from 0.

If you have no previous knowledge or want to learn the basics of trading, we recommend the PipXplosion Academy. You can even test it 30 days for free.

Finish and take hold - get going =)

The first step, of course, is always to internalize the basics and then practice on a demo account. Only when you are consistently trading profitably on demo should you venture into a real money account.

Every person is individual. Depending on the solution and trading style, the time required varies. Here we answer all your questions in a direct conversation 

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Trading Results Robots Week38

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Trading Results Week38

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Look out! Trading on the stock exchange can involve considerable risks and is not suitable for every investor. This is speculation. This trade may not be suitable for you. An investor can lose his entire original investment or even a multiple of his original investment if he is obliged to make additional capital available, for example through leverage. Venture capital" means money that you can lose completely without jeopardizing your financial security or lifestyle. Only risk capital should be used for trading, and only investors with sufficient risk capital should even consider trading. Therefore, please inform yourself thoroughly and comprehensively about the risks involved before you make a trade.

The strategies, analyses and articles presented on this site represent our personal opinion and are not a call to action. All strategies, trading systems etc. should be tested before using them on a real money account on a demo account.

We assume no liability for third parties such as brokers or other service providers.


The testimonials and reviews appearing on this website may not be representative of other customers or clients and are no guarantee of future performance or success.

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