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The Best Mindset Books

Thomas Klußmann

Success in blood

236 pages of extremely good content by Thomas Klußmann

Outstanding guest authors:
Prof. Dr. Lothar Seiwert
Christian Bischoff
Dr. Stefan Frädrich (Interview)
Dirk Kreuter
Calvin Hollywood Foreword

This book is for all those who still have dreams and goals in life - and who want to make a masterpiece out of their life. The standard work for all who want to become more successful.



Marc Galal

From 0 to the first million

Marc Galal is one of the best success trainers in Europe and also an expert in personality development and sales psychology.

Here he gives away his new book „Von 0 zur ersten Million“ - over 350 pages of concentrated knowledge and a fantastic story full of emotions, exciting characters - and of course wealth. This is the step-by-step guide that allows everyone to earn more and work less. This book contains all the secrets of Marc Galal that made him the successful person he is today.

Jim Menter

Power of recommendation

Jim Menter is one of the most successful network marketing entrepreneurs in Germany. With more than
500 partners and an annual turnover of more than 2 million euros, it is one of the TOP 20 distribution partners of Forever Living in Germany.

Here he gives away his new bookto get rid of the existing prejudices that many people have towards network marketing and to allow even more people maximum success and a self-determined life.


Patrick Greiner

Your BEST investment

Patrick Greiner is a sought-after speaker, author and podcaster as an expert on all aspects of financial & personal success - as well as a welcome interview partner for a wide range of media formats.

Here he shows how you can build up considerably more assets much faster and the total commission. - and fund cost model of the financial industry can be almost completely eliminated.


Aike & Henning Vaqué

Be the best you can be

One thing we've established: Many great people, with good ideas and exciting ventures, lack the knowledge of how money works. In the end, everyone wants to achieve more than a life full of privations and a meagre pension after endless years of hard work. But that's exactly what you can expect if you don't have a plan for how to invest and manage your money successfully

Anyone can learn how to handle finances correctly. Basically, it is as easy as learning to write and the small 1 x 1. With us you will continuously come closer step by step to your goals and your financial freedom. Get smart - only knowledge brings change! The time is ripe!

Jürgen Höller

Thinking Acting Prosperity

35 years of knowledge and the experience of Jürgen Höller

You will learn skills and techniques how to program your mindset and your environment for success, how to implement your business ideas and achieve your entrepreneurial goals and how your prosperity will grow steadily in the long term.

Jürgen Höller has already lost everything three times in his career and yet he is now financially free! He is the best proof that it does not make a rich person poor if you take away his money.

Hermann Scherer


...shows you how to become a chance hunter who will never again be angry about missed opportunities and the special offers of life, but recognizes opportunities as such before someone else does and grabs them by the scruff of the neck.



Jörg Löhr

Inspire your Life

„INSPIRE YOUR LIFE! – Your way to more success"

Jörg Löhr has been one of the most respected and compete 
Management and personality trainers in German-speaking countries. 
SAT 1 judges: "Jörg Löhr is Europe's No. 1 personality trainer". 
To date he has coached over one million enthusiastic people
 in his lectures and intensive seminars.

Dave BRych

Head Beats Potential

From stuttering boy to speaker, presenter and coach. The 5 IDEAS channel presents the most ingenious ideas from books and seminars on business & mindset. In KOPF SCHLÄGT POTENZIAL, Dave Brych describes how reading successful books made him successful himself and why many limits exist only in our heads. Topics like time management, nutrition or money are all in our heads. He describes his personal development in 11 authentic stories.

Matthias Herzog

Live Motivated

Matthias Herzog's amazingly simple 5-week success program increases your quality of life in all areas of life. This book shows you the way to more health, private and professional success. Matthias Herzog accompanies you step by step.
  • With effective exercises checklists and motivating pictures for easier implementation.
  • Extra:Celebrity speaking interviews about quality of life and their tricks to improve it.

The Ironman-Finnish Matthias Herzog is an expert on the subject of "Being Top" who is in great demand in the media. He is an industrial engineer and has studied sports science. His clientele includes well-known companies and organizations such as Bayer, BMW, Dr. Oetker, Mercedes Benz, Siemens, savings banks and Volksbanken. He supported top athletes, national teams and national coaches as a mental coach. Matthias Herzog belongs to the Top 100 Excellent Speakers. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Frederik Malsy

Recommendation magnet

For 98% of all companies recommendations are the most important, safest & most cost-effective Method for getting more business...

And even for companies that don't want MORE business at all, referrals are the best way to get BETTER business or save TIME, for example, because they get recommendations for NEW EMPLOYEES, find good service providers and work more AM and less IM the company.

The fact is: Only about 3% of all companies have a clear strategy, how to plan, regularly (budgetable) more and better business through recommendations. This book will show you how you belong to those who know how recommendation marketing REALLY works.

Thomas Klussmann

The Experts Formula

As a speaker, trainer or coach, you want to help other people. In the last few years you have continued your education, experimented a lot and developed your very own approach. You have become Experts become.

In the digital age new marketing tactics are needed. Those that reliably generate online reach and predictably turn contacts into paying customers. Your message is too important not to be heard.

The Experts Formula is the guide that will help you turn your knowledge into a profitable business.

  • Learn from mistakes and successes of Germany's most successful trainer
  • Learn how to build national coverage
  • Learn which products you need to generate an attractive income
This book is by experts for experts. From the practice for the practice. It gives you insight into the tools of the best. So that you too can monetize your knowledge and have more time for what is really important: to help other people.

Enough theoretical knowledge collected?

Then it's time for the practice...