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Here we present trading books which we particularly liked or which have helped us. Of course we have read all books ourselves and only list books here that have completely convinced us!


Trading books worth reading

Michael Voigt

The Big Book of Market Technology

"The Great Book of Market Techniques" breaks new ground: it combines the presentation of specialist knowledge with the description of the career of a young trader in the form of a novel. In this way, Michael Voigt introduces step by step to the world of market-technical trading.

The humorous depiction of everyday situations in stock market trading and the fine wordplay allow the reader to master the difficult subject of technical analysis and make this comprehensive treatise a real reading pleasure.

Michael Voigt has written a unique guide: informative, in-depth, exciting. The renowned stock exchange trader gives an entertaining insight into the fascinating world of market technology and accompanies his readers in their search for movement in the markets.

Together with "Das große Arbeitsbuch der Markttechnik" and the three anthologies of the "Händler-Reihe" the perfect basis for your trading career.

John j. MUrphy

Technical Analysis

The most advanced analysis methods for technical analysis
in one book:

- Most modern chart formations
- Trends and tips you need when creating
- Candlestick Patterns
and Point&fFigure Charts
- Focus on the intermarket analysis
- The best indicators
-Risk Management
- Stock Market Psychology

John J. Murphy brings order to the broad field of technical analysis. He can work with
an unprecedented wealth of information and offers you tangible
Know how you can invest your money even better with Technical Analysis.

The latest charting techniques are applied directly to a variety of financial instruments
applied. This comprehensive and ambitious work even takes into account the fast-moving online trading markets. Murphy incorporates risk management and stock market psychology into his approach. The ideal reference book for every private investor!

Stefan SAlomon

The Great Textbook of Chart Analysis

This is how chart analysis really works! Stefan Salomon, the top specialist for chart analysis and candlesticks in the German-speaking world, shows how anyone can learn to trade successfully after just a short practice. You neither need business management training nor highly professional chart software to be successful on the stock market. Pencil and ruler are the best tools to analyze the markets, whether stock, commodity or currency markets.
The focus is on chart analysis as part of technical analysis and its fundamentals. Great importance is attached to presenting techniques of this method that are as simple and comprehensible as possible, techniques that any investor can perform and which can be learned without a great deal of time, but which can be applied extremely successfully. Even the advanced trader and the professional investor will find useful suggestions here.
Also included is a complete workbook with 50 exercises on trend and formation analysis and candlesticks, including solutions. So you can quickly familiarize yourself with the subject matter, the chart technique, and then try your hand at the stock market.

Thomas Dahlmann

Daytrading for beginners

In this book you will learn about the basic strategies and mechanisms of the stock market to achieve long-term financial freedom and independence through successful day trading.
This book is written for all those who are new to the stock market or who have not yet had any success. No previous knowledge is necessary. It is not a marketing book, so there are no big promises of quick wealth or that it will be easy. Fast wealth is possible at the stock exchange, but is more like a game of chance and mostly the hunt for fast money is the safest way into bankruptcy.
However, the theme of this book is fundamentals and sound trading strategies that will help you make consistent profits and build a regular income.
Day trading is first of all an opportunity. A chance for a free self-determined life and financial independence. You will learn the most important basics of the stock exchange:

  • Trading hours
  • Stock exchanges
  • Financial products: Stocks, CFD, Forex, Binary Options, Penny Stocks
  • the right seed capital
  • successful commercial strategies
  • how to create a successful trading plan
  • the psychology of trading
  • and much more besides

Besides the technical part, the second big challenge is the psychological side of day trading. How do you best deal with losses, when should you stop and how do you implement day trading as a successful business model. You will get a comprehensive insight into the topic and a practical guide that you can put into practice immediately.

You will also get access to the additional content of the website where you will find videos and other material that will help you to get started successfully.

Erdal Cene

Professional stock exchange trading

Do you wonder why it is always difficult to exit loss-making businesses in time? Do successful trades closed too early cause you phantom pain? Are you looking for a suitable trading strategy? Erdal Cene as a trained and successful stock exchange trader shows in his book how to avoid the classic trading traps and how to deal with the ups and downs of everyday life on the stock exchange in a conscious and therefore relaxed way. In the book he reenacts the aha-experiences of his own training and thus introduces prospective traders to professional trading in a clear, amusing and profound way. He explains everything you need to master if you want to keep up with the professionals: the basics of price formation, the stock market alphabet and - perhaps most importantly - methods of self-control and a productive approach to dealing with losses. The focus is on the development of an individual trading strategy with entry and exit techniques that can be applied in concrete everyday trading and the associated stop logic. With numerous charts and tables.

Norman Welz

the psychology of trading

The trader's greatest enemy is fear. He who is afraid loses. And in trading, that means cash. Financial psychologist, mental trainer and trader Norman Welz explains what fear does in everyday trading. But above all, he demonstrates how it can be controlled. He accompanies the reader in his development as a trader and shows many practical ways to get a grip on anxiety and stress, how to balance it and learn to concentrate. In the future, stock market success will not be a random product of a positive or negative basic mood or personal disposition, but a result of controlled trading.

The standard work contains a comprehensive overview of the psychology of trading. Classical evolutionary biology is applied as well as behavioral finance, personality research and the latest findings in neuroscience and anxiety research.

Learn how to recognize and control fear as a disturbing and loss factor when trading.

Kasimir Malkovic

The Great Forex Bible

The Forex market is the largest, most profitable and financially strongest market in
World. Especially for daytraders, who always need a short
Forex trading is extremely interesting because of the investment horizon. The
is also shown by the fact that regular traders through the foreign exchange trading
get rich on the Forex market. But why are some traders
more successful than others? This book shows how with the right strategies it is possible to be successful in the Forex market and achieve financial freedom. For this purpose, the important basics and some special features are first discussed in detail. The readers learn everything that needs to be considered when trading on the Forex market. The market analysis is explained in detail and with the help of practical examples. when the decision is made to make money with the Forex currency trading. Through the detailed explanation of numerous strategies tested in practice, applicable knowledge is conveyed. Thus this Forex book effectively contributes to being 90% ahead of the other traders.

Orkan Kuyas

The Great Book of Trading

All beginnings are easy! Orkan Kuyas is one of the most famous professional traders in the German-speaking world. Here he takes stock market newcomers by the hand and at the same time offers advanced traders deep insights into his successful strategies.
Orkan Kuyas provides a basic explanation of all important terms and abbreviations related to stock exchange trading. Here you will learn everything about limit and stop orders, leverage, CFDs, futures, warrants and knock-out products ...

Kuyas discusses in detail short-term index trading, futures, derivatives, CFDs and foreign exchange. He devotes himself to chart analysis with the most important formations, presents his own hurricane re-break-out strategy and explains how volume trading works.

In addition, he gives practical tips on the workplace and trading software, risk management and how to deal with losses. A perfect basis, for every newcomer and a real treasure trove for anyone who has the serious goal of making money on the stock market.

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