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Thomas Klussmann

The 24 hours startup

Are you thinking about becoming self-employed or do you want to start your own real business? At the same time you don't want to take unnecessary risks, maybe even start a business beside your job? This book will help you to create your personal 24H-Matchplan to be created. As soon as you have created this plan, you know exactly how to test your idea in an uncomplicated, time-saving and manageable way and then place it profitably on the market.



Sascha Ahlers

The pocket book for founders

Every year 250,000 companies are founded. Unfortunately, most of them are not successful. The road to a successful start-up can be long if you don't have the right know-how at hand. This fact has already put many highly motivated founders in their place.

Do you want to take the step into self-employment? Are you planning to do your own thing? Do you want to really get started with your idea and your project? Then we have something for you here. The pocket book for founders is exactly what you need for a successful start and the first steps to your own business.

Sascha Ahlers

Earning money on the Internet

There is a lot of misleading information on the subject of "'Earning money on the Internet'. The myth of "automated income" persists even after years. This book is for all those who are fed up with the empty promises of self-proclaimed "internet gurus" and are looking for serious guidance on the subject! "Making money on the Internet" is exactly that! Here you get on almost 200 pages easily understandable prepared, what I learned in over 1.000 founder coachings and in my own Internet companies. This book shows you step by step and comprehensively all proven strategies with which you can earn money successfully and sustainably on the Internet today! This is knowledge from the practice for the practice and gets along completely without empty promises. Promises!"

Thomas Klußmann, CEO Gründer.de

Christoph J.F. Schreiber

Digital dominance

Find out what universal principles every successful online company must follow to dominate its market.

  • What you need to do to make your online business win satisfied customers and generate high sales
  • How to become the number one in your marke
  • How you pass your competitors even though they are already established

Paul Misar

License to the real estate tycoon

Paul Misar has built a real estate fortune for himself by learning from the best mentors in the world. He masters the rules of the game of real estate development in all areas. As an investor, Paul Misar is involved, among other things, in the purchase of large commercial and industrial plots of land from 20,000 m² upwards and is happy to develop loft spaces from old company premises for residential and commercial purposes as well as the development and leasing of (luxury) properties abroad.

Jürgen Höller

Break your boundaries

This book is for all those who never want to doubt themselves again! For people who want to finally live a life without limits! Because there is a way to a fulfilled life. And I'm going to show it to you! I will explain to you exactly how to use my 13 steps to get maximum success out of your life! I will teach you 3 ways to improve your self-confidence immediately! You will learn how beliefs work, what they actually are and how you can change them in seconds! And not to forget, I will explain the unique GAD system to you! The GAD system promises maximum success in the shortest time!

Alex Fischer

Richer than the Geissens

"Richer than the Geissen" is the first and only prosperity textbook in the world that explains the 43 most important foundations of success step by step so inspiringly worked out that you can transform yourself into a real estate millionaire in 5 years even without starting capital

Thomas Klussmann

Maximum yield

=> 190 pages of extremely good content
=> High quality produced book
=> The standard work for all who want to take their financial assets into their own hands
=> Over 10,000 books already given away
=> jointly prepared by the investors Thomas Klussmann and Christoph J. F. Schreiber
=> 3 valuable guest contributions

Günther Goldherz

The raw material Superzyklus

In his book "Der Rohstoff Superzyklus" (The Commodity Supercycle), Günther Goldherz discusses the opportunities that the topic of commodities and the trade in commodities offers us. Because according to the author's opinion, a new super-cycle lies ahead of us!

A super-cycle that will cause the prices of the world's major commodities to explode...


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