Risk Reward Beast Strategy

Shave the markets with the beast...

The strategy at a glance

The Risk Reward Beast strategy is a trading strategy, which is designed to find and trade setups with high hit rates and high CRV. Through this combination it is possible to achieve a very high performance even with few trades.

High Risk Reward Ratio

Due to the high Risk Reward Ratio, this strategy achieves an extremely high performance.

Clear set of rules

The clear set of rules leaves nothing to chance. Entries, stops and price targets are firmly defined and are shown by means of examples.

High hit rate

The strategy can be implemented in all time units and impresses with its high hit rate.


Content overview


The rulebook includes a 32-page PDF with a clear strategy description, instructions on how to use the indicators, entries, stops and price targets. All important concepts are described and backed up with trading examples.


In addition, you will receive a checklist for the optimal implementation of the strategy.

The Risk Reward Beast Strategy is a highly profitable trading strategy designed to find setups with a high hit rate but also a high Risk Reward Ratio. The rules and regulations are explained in detail on more than 30 pages.

The set of rules is explained visually with screenshots and trade examples. In addition to the rules, the download contains a checklist that is extremely helpful for daily trading.

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