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Dear Traders,
in this article we are pleased to announce our second trading system after the Gridmaster But before I go into the details, I would like to tell you a little story about the weekend, which partly left me astonished with an open mouth...


Holy shit - how can you be so naive, I thought to myself. And I really didn't know whether to laugh, cry or just be indifferent. In the end it was somehow a mixture of laughter and indifference.

But back to the beginning

As attentive readers of our blog have noticed, we publish our trading results every week in a completely transparent manner. Sure - not because we are such great guys, but because we want to show transparently that our systems work and we are convinced of you.


Anyway, I had a request concerning the Gridmaster. So I asked the person (let's call you Peter) about his expectations and goals.

Peter: "Joa about 500€ per month. I am building a house and would like to earn something in addition".

I: "Yes, I know that - building a house is not cheap. What starting capital is available to you?"

Peter: „500€“

.... with me it rattles and I try to think about whether Peter has perhaps mistyped or whether he has forgotten a 0 and ask politely. After all that would be 100% return per month.

Peter: "No - 500€. I had a conversation with a volume trader and he wants to show me how he makes 50% return every week. But I should only transfer 3000€ to him before" ... my amazement becomes bigger and bigger.

I: "Okay, and then what do you need me for? Did he at least show you a history or evidence? Are you aware that even the best fund managers of Goldman & Sachs or any other bank are mega happy with 50% per annum? Are you aware that this volume trader with this performance would be an absolute multimillionaire or even a billionaire within a few years? …

Well - the insight of Peter was limited. I asked him to at least ask for a trackrecord before he transfers the 3000€ and afterwards changes the house planning directly towards a villa with golden taps...

So what is the learning from this story and why did I tell you
1.I am still surprised about the loss of reality and the false expectations of many people about the stock market. I tell it like it is. If you average your 5% month after month, you can be mega happy. Then this is a great achievement! 

2. no, there are no miracle returns with our products. If you expect 30% and more per month with high security, you can go directly to the volume billionaires =) (don't get me wrong - the technique itself is very good, only volume wheels boil even with water).

3. when a 1200 m² villa is built next to you, it will certainly be that of Peter 😅


Sorry for this digression but I just had to mention this story and emphasize again that we at PimpYourTrading are just normal traders who take a realistic approach. We have focused especially on the partial Automation of Trading .



What do we offer now and what's new?



The Gridmaster is our first product in this area. Many will think now "Grid - Ok was ein Misst". But we have to contradict this clearly. Yes - without an approach and without certain mechanisms, considerations and even routines a stupid grid system is junk. Exactly for this reason we will offer the Gridmaster only including coaching from December on. We will also make some adjustments to the pricing. The back tests, live results and also feedback from our customers prove us right that our approach works 100%.


Nevertheless there will be another trading system.... soon


The i-Grid is a trading system based on MT5. This system is also only sold with a training course, since the configuration options, security options and general settings are enormously extensive and are probably unparalleled in this form. Especially in the area of automatic security mechanisms, there is in my opinion nothing comparable on the market. Experience from tests and analyses of more than 250 trading systems and over 30 years of trading experience have gone into this system. I dare to say that with PROPER! application (e.g. no over leverage of the account) it is almost impossible for the trading account to suffer a margin call in any form. Of course, the same applies here - bake the settings over a long period of time!

So much for the news. Of course we from the team are extremely satisfied with the Gridmaster. Nevertheless, it was important for us to develop a trading system that increases the security aspect extremely and that can be completely automated. I will post first backtests shortly - but one thing was clear for us: THE CORONA CRASH IS OR WAS THE BENCHMARK DURING PROGRAMMING!

Wishing You MANY PIPS...

Michael – Team PimpyourTrading

The two Amigos
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